Equitable Is Not Always Equal

In Michigan, property division during divorce follows the law of equitable distribution. What this means is that assets are not divided and meted out in equal shares. Instead, each spouse receives an 'equitable' — or fair — share. Determining what is fair is somewhat subjective, and as a result, divorcing couples often fight bitterly during division. This tends to prolong the process and result only in increasing the fees owed to the lawyers involved.

Having served as a family law attorney for nearly two decades, I can guide individuals through property division smoothly. I offer objective counsel and will protect your interests throughout the duration of divorce proceedings. I endeavor to obtain the most favorable result through negotiations with opposing counsel. However, if no agreements can be reached out of court, I will be prepared to represent you aggressively at trial.

The Complexities Of Asset Division

Dividing property and assets in some cases is relatively straightforward. In others, as when a couple holds complex assets and liabilities, proceedings are more involved. I am adept in facilitating all aspects of property division, including such considerations as:

  • Distinguishing marital property from separate property — The assets you bring into a marriage are not typically subject to division. However, if such assets appreciated in value while you were married, the profits may be classified as joint property. I can help properly classify your holdings.
  • Hidden assets — If your spouse tries to protect assets from division by transferring them to a third party, I will make sure this errant behavior is revealed during the discovery process.
  • Jointly held businesses — Properly appraising a small business can be difficult. Each spouse's contributions — whether monetary or not — must be factored in appropriately. I am skilled in overseeing such assessments.
  • Retirement accounts — One of the most common disputes concerns the extent to which one spouse is entitled to the other's retirement funds. I work to resolve these matters early, firmly and fairly.

Helping You Retain What's Yours

Serving in Southfield and throughout the region, I strive to protect your assets. To schedule a consultation and learn more about how I can assist, call Cobb Law Firm at 866-262-2884 or 877-267-0957. You can also arrange an appointment online.